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Location and Travel

Longford CofE Primary School, Britford is close to Salisbury city centre and is easily accessible by car, bus or on foot.   Many of our children walk or cycle to school, but we also benefit from being only a few moments' walk from the Britford Park and Ride, which some parents/guardians find useful for their onward journey to work.  Please see the Travel Plan at the foot of the page.


We have a small car park at the top of the school drive. This is primarily for staff and school visitors. However, the Britford Park and Ride site - which parents may park in for free - is only a few moment's walk away.

The school bus collects and drops off children upon request at Nunton, Odstock and Salisbury District Hospital.  Many parents find this to be a very convenient service as it means they do not have to take their child to and from school.  The children enjoy travelling on the bus and are given a sense of independence.   Mrs. Young travels on the bus to supervise the children and will not permit any child to get off unless a parent or guardian is there to collect them, or in the case of some of the older children, the school has been given permission for them to make their own way home.

Salisbury District Hospital

We are conveniently close to Salisbury District Hospital and parents can take advantage of the school minibus which collects and returns children to the hospital, outside the Staff Club at Entrance B. 

Longford School bus timetable:

Morning   Afternoon  
Nunton bus stop 0830 Departs Longford School 1520
Odstock 0835 Nunton bus stop 1525
District Hospital, Staff Club, Entrance B 0840 Odstock 1535
Oak Tree Field bus stop, Odstock Road 0845 District Hospital, Staff Club, Entrance B 1540
Arrives Longford School 0855 Oak Tree Field bus stop, Odstock Road 1545
    Drops off any children not met, Longford School 1550


Children need a bus pass to travel on the school bus. Children living in Odstock and Nunton villages are eligible for a free pass. 'Spare seats' can be purchased from Wiltshire Council for £77 per term.


A bus escort will be on the bus with the children. This is Mrs. Young.

The bus escort will carry a first aid kit and a mobile phone on every journey.  Registers will be taken as the children get on the bus.  Mrs. Young will report any incidents or absences to the school.  She will check that seatbelts are put on by all children correctly and provide assistance if necessary.

Exceptional Cases

The bus will wait for a few minutes in the morning and afternoon if parents are late either dropping off or picking up their children, if after 3 minutes the child hasn’t been dropped off in the morning, then that child will be understood not to be travelling on the bus that day.  In the afternoon if a parent or other person is not there to pick up the child from his/her designated drop then that child will be returned to Longford.

If any child has special educational needs that might affect transport, or special transport needs, then please bring that up with the headteacher

If the bus timetable changes parents will be informed beforehand.

Other Considerations

A bus pass will be needed for children who need to use the bus.  There should be no expectation from the parents that they will have transport entitlement when the children transfer to secondary schools.