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Our School Council

The School Council consists of two children from each year group. The school councillors represent their peers' views and raise suggestions on their behalf. The children are elected by their peers after they have given a speech explaining why they should represent them. The children use a 'ballot paper' similar to those in national and local elections and post their vote into the sealed box. Staff then count the votes before revealing the new councillors in collective worship.

Our School Council members take their role very seriously! We meet together at least once every term to discuss current issues and decide on ways to improve the school.  

Members of Longford Primary School council interviewed MP John Glen about his job as an MP. 

The pupils heard how Mr Glen works closely with the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond MP, as his Parliamentary Private Sectary. Mr Glen was asked how he relaxed in his limited spare time, and pupils were also keen to know how to became and MP

The MP emphasised how teachers are important in shaping future goals and life. He recalled that one of his inspirations for becoming an MP was his former headmaster.

Mr Glen was given a guided tour of the 60-pupil school by two Year 6 ambassadors. Mrs Knipe, Head teacher, said: “I am extremely proud of Longford. Mr Glen’s visit was a pleasure.  The children enjoyed asking him challenging questions and finding out about life as an MP.”

A School Councillor (age 9) says “The School Council are a group of other children, that children at the school can rely on. They solve problems and discuss ideas to make the school even better.”

Playtime equipment is another area where the school council have become involved.

School Council Projects:

We welcomed Lucy, from our local foodbank, and helped collect and then boxed  up our school's very generous 48 kg donations of food for the Salisbury Foodbank. See the photos below. 

We always work with classes to resolve/highlight issues around the school.