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Our Vision

' To make our dreams come true'  

You are like a tree planted by the water, bearing fresh fruit every month,
Never dropping a leaf, always in blossom. Psalm 1:3

Our vision is inspired by Psalm 1:3 and the children themselves.  We asked them to tell us about their dreams of the future.  Their responses were amazing:  

' To be a leader..To be a designer... To be the first person to put something on Mars'

' To stop global warming.. To graduate...... To be an environmental activist.....To design an amazing new chocolate.'

' To be a best selling author..To have my own company.... To be the first woman president....'

As parents, staff and Governors, we have ambitions and dreams for the children in our care and for our school community.  Our purpose is to ensure that everyone in our community flourishes, that children love learning and are resilient and well-equipped for our ever-changing world, caring and grounded by strong self-belief and Christian values, able to find lifelong fulfilment and happiness.  

Psalm 1:3 tells us that we can inspire and help others by our actions, nourished by the water of life and fruits of the spirit, our values: compassion, respect, trust, wisdom and friendship.  Never dropping a leaf, always remaining steadfast to those values, we can thrive and blossom and in doing so nurture and encourage others in our community to thrive. 

Through our shared Christian Values:
compassion, respect, trust, wisdom and friendship.  


Longford Strategic Goals


Every Child 

to ensure children are happy, resilient and confident learners

Positive Learning Outcomes

to promote the enjoyment of learning through excellent teaching, resulting in positive learning outcomes


 to ensure effective leadership, maintaining high standards and sourcing appropriate funding and resources


to continue to be a great school