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Collective Worship

Psalm 1:3 forms an essential part of our whole school vision.

' You are like a tree planted by the water, bearing fresh fruit every month. Never dropping a leaf, always in blossom.'

We discuss this Psalm in relation to the meaning and importance of being caring and giving service.  The children will explore this theme further through cross curricular activities including Religious Education, P.S.H.E  and the Arts. 

Collective Worship takes place every day -see the Collective Worship Policy- focusing on morals and values, through stories from the Bible and other faiths, and the Christian 'Values for Life' scheme. 

We are warmly supported by the Chalke Valley Benefice and Reverend Ruth Howlett-Shipley.  We also work closely with The Bridge.  We regularly visit St Peter's Church, Britford. 

Our Worship theme this term is Courage and Hope.